Intco Greenmax Factory

Plastic News Interview:
Intco Greenmax Recycling Turns Waste EPS into Treasure

Early in July, 2014, Plastic News, the most influential media in American plastic industry, came to visit Intco’s factory in Shanghai. The journalist Rebecca Kanthor interviewed Lucy Shen, Intco's EPS recycling global manager. In this way, Plastic News introduced Intco—the global leader of waste PS recycling and regeneration, to American plastic industry.

Plastic News is the most influential media in American plastic industry. They have professional newspaper PLASTICS NEWS and the news website Plastic News is also the official media of K Exhibition (the top exhibition in plastics industry) and NPE(the largest plastics exhibition in north America).

In April,2014, the chief engineer Ligong represents the Intco Greenmax Recycling company introduced Intco foam recycling career to global plastics industry in green forum in Chinaplas exhibition. PN knew about INTCO Recycling in the Chinaplas Trade Fair, and was deeply impressed on the presentation. PN correspondent Rebecca Kanthor contacted Intco, hoping to visit the factory and interview.

Intco Greenmax Chinaplas

On 1st July, 2014,Intco Greenmax Recycling received the interview with the famous American newspaper Plastic News. Lucy Shen received the journalist Rebecca, and led her to visit Intco GreenmaxRecycling factory and whole recycling systems. The journalist captured the operation of plant from the professional point of view.

Plastic News journalist

After viewed the plant, Lucy Shen were interviewed in the new office building in Fengxian distract in Shanghai. She introduced that: Shanghai Intco Industries Co. Ltd. was established 20 years ago in the United States as a trading company, now based in China, and try to become one of the world’s largest recyclers of polystyrene waste. And now, about 5,000 tons of EPS (styrofoam) comes to Intco’s four facilities, in Shanghai, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui every month. Its largest factory in Shandong employs more than 2,000 people.

Intco plant

For Intco Greenmax Recycling, the process starts in countries around the world where EPS is collected and compressed into blocks. Intco pays attention to study new technology and developed a series of foam recycling machines which can melt or compact EPS, EPE, PET, EPP and so on. The finished products are picture frames and decorative moldings which is sold under the brand name Greenwood.

Later on, PN reported that more than 90 percent of its products ended up in Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Michaels Stores Inc. and Target Corp. stores in the U.S since the company opened its first factory in Shanghai in 2001. At same time, other global markets such as Europe are growing.

Lucy Shen told to the journalist Rebecca, her goal is that to keep EPS out of landfills and make sure that recycling it is accessible to more people in underutilized sources like the U.S. And more people know that EPS can be recycled and made into frames.

The visit and interview lasted more than 3 hours. At last, they talked about Intco’s pushing its Greenmax Recycling systems everywhere from recycling trade shows to seafood companies. And now, more companies are pleased to cooperate with Intco and bought Greenmax Recycling machine to reuse PS.

After Intco foam recycling industry were reported in the United States, more and more people, organizations and enterprises are attracted to contact Intco, hope to join the potential project and cooperate with Intco.

This video is taken by Rebecca in the factory, and it introduces how we recycle waste PS and turn waste into values: